We are positive about the beef industry and what lies ahead for the hard working cattleman. The tools are in place to make genetic progress in beef operations. The market is signaling a need for cattle to be harvested at heavier weights and a higher percentage grading choice.  Our country is the source of the world’s finest beef that meet high standards which includes marbling and taste. We must not forget we are in the beef business. We need to recognize it is essential to improve muscle and yield in our nation’s cattle. Enough muscle is important for improved efficiency in the pasture and all the way to the grocery store. We are in the protein business and must become more efficient to overtake our competitors in the efficiency race. 

The Cattleman’s Kind Simmental Group 


 “I have been purchasing bulls from the Cattleman's Kind bull sale for several years. To say I am pleased would be an understatement. These bulls have outperformed all the other bulls we have tried in the past. We run these bulls in big rough country and they consistently have held up and out worked other bulls. Our conception rates have improved by several percent and we have seen our average weaning weights increase by more than fifty pounds. These bulls are the best value I have found. We look forward to using these bulls for many years to come.” Brooks Jobe, El Paso Industries, Kent, TX Kent, TX


“We have been using Cattleman’s Kind bulls for 10 plus years. Conception rates have consistently been in the 95% range. Weaning weights have increased, even though birth weights decreased. The quality of our calves has improved, and they are very marketable. The bulls have worked well in our environment, Throckmorton County.”
Rick Ward, Mgr. Cooper Ranches
Throckmorton, TX

“I have purchased bulls from Cattleman’s Kind going on eight years, both for the Davis Ranch and myself. They help me with interpreting EPDs when I need calving ease bulls for heifers, or for mature cows. I convinced a neighbor, with adjoining pastures, to buy their bulls. That way, if the bulls find a hole in the fence, we both still get good calves.
Alan Stephens
Elbert, TX


“We have bought bulls from Cattleman’s Kind from this group for 20 years. We never buy the high selling bulls. But it works, because there are good bulls throughout the sale.”
Ronnie & Brandon Mabery, Mabery Farms Tolar, TX